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Day 7 — [Over] Protective Parents Focusing on MUNI

I would be a terribly overprotective parent. Any child of mine would not be allowed to cross the street unescorted until they turned 18. So, you can imagine how carefully I am watching MUNI since we learned of her brother’s … Continue reading

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Day 6 — Metro Died

We received a call from the hospital about 11 last night. The doctor told us that Metro had died. We feel the loss. This is the first puppy we have had die in our three litters. We know that the … Continue reading

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Day 6 — An Emergency Metro Update

Metro Has Aspirated Milk at the Hospital… They tube fed him and gave him the bottle which he sucked on some. They put him back in his cage and the next time they checked him,  at about 4 pm, they … Continue reading

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“Manahatta” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Ashland, Oregon at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Manahatta by Mary Kathryn Nagle directed by Laurie Woolery This world-premiere production tells the story of the poor treatment of  Native American people by Imperialistic white “settlers”, brillianty weaves together narratives four centuries apart, … Continue reading

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Day 6 — Metro Keeps Hanging In and MUNI Gets Cute

The morning hospital report on Metro was okay, but not great. He is up to “the high 140 grams” based on the doctor’s memory; the chart was not available. That’s up from 139g yesterday morning. But, he’s still weak on … Continue reading

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