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Day 127 – Auroara Goes Down

Geoffrey did it! He got Auroara to go down all five steps to the back yard! Up until about noon today, Auroara would willingly only jump down one step to the back door landing. Then she’d fuss and bark to … Continue reading

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Day 121 – Playing Around

There was lots of morning play. In fact the older dogs were exhausted early on. Only Apex stayed outside to monitor the puppy… and occasionally join in some random ball play or twig gnawing. AuRoara has been expert going up … Continue reading

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Day 120 — First Bath

Our vet thinks we should have done this earlier, but she reminded us of some good techniques for puppy bathing. Today, after breakfast, AuRoara took the plunge! One tip was to put a washcloth in the sink underneath AuRoara so … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Resolution, 3 Years Later

I was inspired on New Year’s Eve 2015 to start exercising regularly. Doug Wilcoxen, a fellow Pomona College student and resident of Wig Hall 30+ years ago, wrote on Facebook that day that he had been to the gym 315 … Continue reading

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