Day 80 — She only LOOKS Cherubic

Five of us are exhausted and our patience is worn thin.

Apparently Aurora slept very, very, very well last night. During the day today she’s been in non-stop motion.

She started the day by challenging other pack members for Geoffrey’s robe while he showered.

Aurora control Geoff's robe at morning playtime

Day 80 — Starting out Feisty

She did briefly nap while I had a business conference call around 9 (thank you, Aurora). But, she she perked up and decided to taunt her pack mates and me from about 11 on.

She was especially whiny around noon, and I took that as a hint that she might be hungry. She ate 1 1/4 shots of puppy kibble in her bowl.

But, instead of being slowed down and sleepy with the full stomach, she seemed to convert the food into immediate energy. After terrorizing the other dogs, she’d bound to me and say that she had to go out right then.

Since I don’t want to discourage any housebreaking breakthroughs, I dutifully got up (about 100 times) and took her outside.

Where she enjoyed the smells and tastes in the backyard.

Aurora sniffing the jade plant before nibbling it

Day 80 — What do These Taste Like, Daddy?

This went on mostly constant until about 4. Her next to the last trip in she was all innocence and smiles.

Aurora Mugging for the camera

Day 80 — She only LOOKS Cherubic

Just don’t let her fool you. After this picture, she ran inside and peed on the bathmat… after having been outside and told to do doggie things for about 10 minutes.

Puppies are so cute!

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Day 79 — The Basics of Growing

Aurora enjoyed very much the sunny, drier weather in the backyard after the dense morning fog burned off. Not that the fog or wetness had bothered her, but apparently the damp makes things smell delicious. And taste delicious, too.

I decoded that Aurora will scamper up the back stairs, and sometimes run straight into the house, when it’s been a while since she’s eaten.

When she’s full, the stairs are more of a struggle.

Aurora struggling up the back stairs

Day 79 — Struggling to Puppy Heaven

This morning’s assault on the stairs reminded me of one of her earlier tries!  But, she made it.

The other retro habit Aurora indulged in today was deciding that she really did want lunch after all. All weekend and yesterday, she skipped the noon meal, pretty much sleeping through lunchtime.

Not today. About 1 she was fussy. I decided to see if food would help.

Yep. She gobbled down a bowl of wet puppy food and a bit of kibble. Then she could sleep!

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Day 78 — Back to Work Day

Geoffrey and I are back to work today. There was plenty of puppy energy to spur us on.

The before-gym play session was rambunctious, but Aurora settled down (eventually) on the bed with the other red dogs while I went to work out.

Refreshed, she began taunting the older dogs after the reds woke up and Geoffrey started getting ready for work. Paris usually sleeps happily on Geoffrey’s robe when he showers, but today she had to contend with demands for play!

Paris and Aurora on Geoffrey's robe

Day 78 — Morning Play Session #2

And, Aurora is getting big enough to demand attention. At 11 weeks she weighs 5 pounds, 12 ounces. She is gaining over an ounce a day still!

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Day 77 — A Family Day

The pack doesn’t take its normal daytime nap when Geoffrey is home. Instead, today was mostly constant in/out/up/down. For Aurora, of course, the motivation for all movement was PLAY!

I went to church and by the time I came home and did some stuff it was late, so no visitors today. We did discover that Aurora doesn’t seem to want lunch anymore.  She’s enthusiastic about breakfast and dinner, nearly cleaning a big bowl of wet puppy food and kibble. 

Aurora also has discovered that she can use the human’s fixation on bodily functions to get trips outside whenever she wants. She runs to the very back of the bricks and often to the way back. She smells and does taste testing for everything!

Fortunately we removed dangerous plants — like foxglove — when we had our first litter in 1995. Now we just have to keep patroling for foreign objects and interloping predators.

So far so good.

We wound up the afternoon posing for a family picture.  Sorry that we didn’t have someone at the camera to get the girls’ attention… especially Apex’s.

But, here’s what the Ozdachs looked like this afternoon.

Geoffrey and Galen with all the girls

Day 77 — The Ozdachs Pack

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Day 76 — Terrible Twos and Showing Off

The day didn’t start off well. Apparently the terrible twos have struck Aurora.

This morning she didn’t want to do doggie things in the yard and kept trying to run up the stairs. I had to close the back door and block her path with my feet. Then she decided that she would shy away and not “Come” to me when called. She had been doing a great job leaping to the offered treat, but not this morning.

So, she had crate time and temper tantrums. Sigh.

But, the morning lit up with visitors!

We were delighted that Aurora’s dad’s (Abel’s) owner came to visit with dachshund guru Mary Nie.

Wendy Hess holds Aurora

Day 76 — Aurora Meets Her Dad’s Owner

We enjoyed the comparison stories and pictures of what Abel was like at 10 weeks. Wendy says Abel was bigger than Aurora is, and he is only 14 pounds as an adult. So, maybe she’ll be a miniature after all… Naw! I don’t believe it!

Mary gave Aurora her first stacking and assessment by a dog show professional.

Day 76 — A Professional Shows Aurora the Table

Aurora settled on to the show table pretty quickly. Probably because she really enjoyed the attention!

Aurora on the grooming table with three humans paying her attention

Day 76 — Getting Paid Attention

Aurora is a natural in dealing with paparazzi.

We were pleased with the compliments that Aurora was given, and very much enjoyed the visit. Wendy gave Aurora a good-bye pet, and then it was puppy nap time.

Aurora being held by Wendy

Day 76 – Mugging with Dad’s Mom

It was a short nap, though, as Aurora had another visitor about 11:30 in the morning.

Aurora in the lap of her third visitor of the day

Day 76 — In Another Lap

This was enough excitement for the day, though. The rest of the day was nap, play, eat,  play, and nap. Nothing that got the camera’s attention!

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