Day 22 — Three Weeks Old and A Two-Pound Whopper!

Geoffrey was up early today to do a full day at the office on the tax deadline day (this never happens, but this year is “different”), so the morning weighing was early, at 7:10. But, MUNI made her goal!  She’s an even 32 ounces!

MUNI, All 32 ounces of her, still fits in one hand.

MUNI, All 32 ounces of her, still fits in one hand.
(Don’t forget you can click on the pictures a couple times to see a full-size photo!)

We think that MUNI reacts a bit more to the humans every day. She is comfortable in our arms.

A Very Open-Mouthed Yawn

MUNI has the Yawn Action Down Cold!

And, like her mother and her aunt, she likes us blowing on her neck and head. This is a yawn, not a howl of complaint!

Mother Zenith, however, is not a fan of her daughter being picked up and petted. For the photographs, we have been sending the adult pack outside to do their doggie things. While they’ve been outside, Geoffrey and I have scooped up MUNI, posed, and returned her to the whelping box ASAP.

Zenith still knows that her puppy has been MANhandled. She whimpers and licks MUNI clean.

Our vet comes Wednesday, and we’ll discuss with her if we need to do any behavior modification. The trade-off between mom’s need for security and puppy socialization probably has an infinite number of answers. Like every other question in dog world, it seems for every 10 people, there are at least 15 definitive answers.

Today is warm and sunny in the backyard. Mom and the other adults will go out and lay on the bricks for a few minutes. Zenith lets herself relax, get petted, and snuggle on the bricks for a minute or two. Then she jumps up and asks to go back into the puppy’s room to check and nurse.

Zenith also is on to my mixing dried kibble with the wet puppy food. She turned her nose up at the last of the food this morning, even after I added some ground-up boiled chicken.  She may be returning to more picky eating, but it’s also likely that she just wasn’t hungry for THAT much food.  We will have to see in the coming days.

Tomorrow our 24 cans of puppy food will be delivered from PetCo. This would not be the right time for Zenith to decide she’s over the Science Diet menu!

But, for now, we are warm, quiet, and happy.

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Day 21 — Inflating the Puppy

Sometimes puppies need inflating…

Geoffrey blows on MUNI until her tongue falls out of her mouth!

Day 21 — Inflating a Puppy

Day 21 -- A Comfortable YawnFortunately, Geoffrey is an expert and can get a puppy so comfortable that her tongue falls out of her mouth! And, that leads to mega-yawns!

MUNI and the pack at home had a stress-free day of sleeping and eating. MUNI was 30.7 oz at breakfast. She acts like she has set a personal goal of two pounds by tomorrow, and she’s been spending the day nursing to meet the target!

Unfortunately, Geoffrey’s Worst Tax Season Ever is continuing, and he worked the entire day.  He arrived back home sometime after 7, and these pictures are from 9:30, right before pack bed time.

No real news on the growth front: steady as she goes.

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Day 20 — Personality Happens

MUNI is showing her eyes more… well, a little more. She still is crawling around the whelping box making determined moves toward Mother and food without noticing her surroundings too much.

But, here eyes are open more. She doesn’t have much reaction to any human she sees. About the biggest reaction she’ll give is cuddling motions and sucking when we pet her and blow on her face and neck.

Zenith is very good protective mother. So, when we want to weigh and hold MUNI, we have to send Zenith out of the room. Then we weigh and pose.

Geoffrey and MUNI after this morning's weigh in

Day 19 – Personality Happens

When we open the puppy room (aka: the TV Room) door to the kitchen, usually Zenith is right there whining and dancing to come back in and check on her pup. Very cute.

Zenith continues to suggest (strongly) that there be a mid-afternoon snack, and we are obliging. She also is taking a few more minutes of adult time, away from the puppy, when she goes outside. Today she and I sat in the sun in the backyard for five minutes making out before she decided she had to run back and be a mother.

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Day 19 – The Aperture Got Us

Today’s update is more about the limits of photography than it’s about raising a puppy.

Remember, because MUNI just opened her eyes, we are not using flash for a while.

When you take a picture in low light one way to make the image visible is to open up the lens aperture. (Read Wikipedia on lens aperture settings.) The aperture settings are delineated in f-stops. Higher number f-stops indicating smaller lens openings (less light) and lower f-stop numbers indicate a larger lens opening for more light. My camera’s lens have f-stops from 22 to 2.8. 2.8 is pretty good at letting light in. 2.8 allows for flash-less pictures even there’s little light.

Anyway, the benefit of using a low f-stop that lets more light in is that you can take your picture without keeping the shutter open so long that you get motion blur. Or, using a high ISO (fast film) which typically makes for grainy pictures. Unfortunately, the problem with low f-stop settings is that focusing has to be very precise.


Blurry photo of MUNI while Geoffrey's hand is in focus

Day 19 – The Aperture Got Us

This morning’s shot shows a very clear picture of Geoffrey’s hand and wedding ring. However, MUNI, just an inch and one-half closer to the camera, is out-of-focus. That’s because I was using the maximum opening for the lens, f-stop 2.8.  And, this is the best picture of the series I took!

MUNI, fortunately, doesn’t care. At 8:05 she was up to 27.4 oz, and she is still happy and content. A bad day for the photographer, but a good day for the puppy!

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Day 18 — I am the Walrus!

MUNI continues to grow at a happy pace.  This morning at 7:30 she was up to 26 oz. even.

We have started thinking that instead of a dachshund, we are raising a walrus. Here’s why…

MUNI as a Walrus

Day 18 – I am the Walrus

Meanwhile, we have narrowed Zenith’s puppy food banquet down to just one brand: Hills Science Diet Puppy Food. This has made her stomach calmer. But, she still is demanding attention every few hours day or night. Sometimes she “needs” to go out, but often she’s just looking for adult attention. And, at 2:30 in the afternoon she is looking for an afternoon snack to tide her through the day!


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