Day 77 — A Family Day

The pack doesn’t take its normal daytime nap when Geoffrey is home. Instead, today was mostly constant in/out/up/down. For Aurora, of course, the motivation for all movement was PLAY!

I went to church and by the time I came home and did some stuff it was late, so no visitors today. We did discover that Aurora doesn’t seem to want lunch anymore.  She’s enthusiastic about breakfast and dinner, nearly cleaning a big bowl of wet puppy food and kibble. 

Aurora also has discovered that she can use the human’s fixation on bodily functions to get trips outside whenever she wants. She runs to the very back of the bricks and often to the way back. She smells and does taste testing for everything!

Fortunately we removed dangerous plants — like foxglove — when we had our first litter in 1995. Now we just have to keep patroling for foreign objects and interloping predators.

So far so good.

We wound up the afternoon posing for a family picture.  Sorry that we didn’t have someone at the camera to get the girls’ attention… especially Apex’s.

But, here’s what the Ozdachs looked like this afternoon.

Geoffrey and Galen with all the girls

Day 77 — The Ozdachs Pack

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Day 76 — Terrible Twos and Showing Off

The day didn’t start off well. Apparently the terrible twos have struck Aurora.

This morning she didn’t want to do doggie things in the yard and kept trying to run up the stairs. I had to close the back door and block her path with my feet. Then she decided that she would shy away and not “Come” to me when called. She had been doing a great job leaping to the offered treat, but not this morning.

So, she had crate time and temper tantrums. Sigh.

But, the morning lit up with visitors!

We were delighted that Aurora’s dad’s (Abel’s) owner came to visit with dachshund guru Mary Nie.

Wendy Hess holds Aurora

Day 76 — Aurora Meets Her Dad’s Owner

We enjoyed the comparison stories and pictures of what Abel was like at 10 weeks. Wendy says Abel was bigger than Aurora is, and he is only 14 pounds as an adult. So, maybe she’ll be a miniature after all… Naw! I don’t believe it!

Mary gave Aurora her first stacking and assessment by a dog show professional.

Day 76 — A Professional Shows Aurora the Table

Aurora settled on to the show table pretty quickly. Probably because she really enjoyed the attention!

Aurora on the grooming table with three humans paying her attention

Day 76 — Getting Paid Attention

Aurora is a natural in dealing with paparazzi.

We were pleased with the compliments that Aurora was given, and very much enjoyed the visit. Wendy gave Aurora a good-bye pet, and then it was puppy nap time.

Aurora being held by Wendy

Day 76 – Mugging with Dad’s Mom

It was a short nap, though, as Aurora had another visitor about 11:30 in the morning.

Aurora in the lap of her third visitor of the day

Day 76 — In Another Lap

This was enough excitement for the day, though. The rest of the day was nap, play, eat,  play, and nap. Nothing that got the camera’s attention!

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Day 75 – Variable Speed

We are still dealing with yesterday’s mastery of the up-staircase by Aurora. It’s cute, but it’s also a pain.

She is enjoying being able to cut short the sessions outside where she is told to do her doggy things.  Well, she’d like to cut these sessions short by running up the stairs and going inside. We’ve started closing the backdoor when we go out. Sigh!

The fun part for the humans is watching Aurora’s different approaches to the recently conquered stairs. Sometimes she struggle to pull herself up one step at a time. Other time she bounds all the way up. Why struggle and then bound? Hmmm?!!!

The humans themselves had a busy day! Paris had an ultrasound so we had to take her to the vet’s office at 8:45 and pick her up at 4. Geoff’s office had its holiday party, and Galen got to talk to a judge (but not for himself!). Fortunately, Uncle Tony came over and helped the pack mid-day.

Today’s picture came after the humans had unwound and were happy to supervise the play session in the backyard

Aurora playing with a plant in the backyard.

Day 75 — Eating is Playing, Says Aurora





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Day 74 – Morning Accomplishments

Well, it happened.

About 5:45 this morning, I had taken Aurora out for her housetraining. She told me several times that she was fine and didn’t need to go out.

A couple times she turned away from the backyard and went up the four stairs she’d just mastered yesterday evening just to show me how done she was with the backyard. She’d try to reach the pack members just inside who were taunting her with how comfortable they were inside. Each time I went up to the landing and brought her back into a spot where previous biological activities had taken place.

She finally produced, and I let her run up the stairs to go back inside to join the other pack members. Her lightened state apparently enabled her to jump up the final step.

Yep. She made it all the way up the stairs into the house on her own. An accomplishment!

Crud! We aren’t safe any more!

I didn’t expect that the final step would be overcome so quickly!

We celebrated briefly, and then the whole pack went to sleep with Geoffrey while I went off to the gym. Later I did have the camera ready for the mid-morning playful attack of the agapantha roots.

Aurora dining on agapantha roots

Day 74 — Celebrating with a bit of Agapantha Root



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Day 73 — Four Steps at a Time

The big development of the day occurred late, out of the range of any camera. Aurora made it up four steps from the backyard to the landing tonight!

True, she made her way up the steps to end the tedious patrol of the backyard I was insisting on because I wanted her to “Go do doggie things.” She insisted that she had no biological needs, and I had been insisting that she needed get in touch with her own body.

Instead, she turned toward the stairs and slowly, with great effort, climbed all of them to the top of the landing. There she sniffed around after gauging that the big step inside was beyond her strength.

When I lifted her back down to the yard to “Do doggie things!” she would have none if it. This time she went up the stairs to the landing at a pretty good clip.

I gave up (and saw no biological punishment from Aurora) after the third time she went up the stairs. This time I helped her over the big step, and she went bounding inside.

Unfortunately, today’s picture of mother and daughter simultaneously clamped on the tennis ball doesn’t capture the momentous progress of the day. But, I think it’s still a cute look!

Zenith and Aurora dispute ownership of the yellow tennis ball

Day 73 — MY Ball!

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