Day 93 — Merry Christmas, Auroara! “Auroara”??

It was a big, busy day for the pack, both human and canine.

There was breakfast to enjoy, presents to open, dinner to prepare, friends to enjoy, and occasionally a moment to play with a puppy.

For her part, Aurora did a good job exhausting herself with the early morning play session. By the time serious cooking or serious present opening started, she was into a deep nap!

Aurora asleep on the hide-a-pet
Aurora on the Hide-a-Pet

The development in the puppy world today was reading her signature on the Christmas cards. Apparently, she is spelling her name Auroara.

We don’t know if the non-standard spelling will stick. Geoffrey’s family has a history of unique name spellings that do last though. Just consider his brother Richard, aka: Ric.

Personally, I like that her name might contain a mention of her ROAR.

Anyway. The guests and the girls made a wonderful Christmas for all us Ozdachs.

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Day 92 — Christmas Eve

The girls continue to be uncomfortable with the disruption of additional beings in the house. Zenith is quick to launch into a major alert whenever she hears any movement from non-Ozdachs, and the activity level remains high.

Even Aurora seems to need recharging more often… like in this picture!

Aurora yawning in Geoffrey's lap

The humans spent the morning going to the Cliff House for breakfast and then collecting turkey and desert from Noe Valley stores.

Galen then made his cranberry sauce and did other pre-Christmas preparations before the humans went to the candlelight service.

Tony the Heathen avoided the church service and gave the pack dinner. Ric, Geoff, and Galen came home after the service, petted the pack, and then all humans went to Harris’ for a holiday dinner.


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Day 91 – Still in an Uproar

Well, maybe not an uproar, but the Force is definitely disturbed by the non-pack canine in the house… to say nothing of dealing with his owner!

Lots of to’ing and fro’ing, with Aurora generally in the middle of the watching pack. She’s careful to have protection all around her.

All pack members were especially interested in getting reassured by their dads.

Here’s the 2:30 afternoon shot with the girls helping Geoffrey check on the last-minute package deliveries.

Geoffrey sitting at the computer with Zenith and Aurora on his lap
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Day 90 — A Day of Play

Twas the Saturday before Christmas and all through the house… there was activity!

The pack went off during the night when Ric took Shiloh by our bedroom door so Shiloh could use the backyard. INTRUDER ALERT!

Then when I got up Zenith went into the kitchen in front of Ric’s closed door and tried to declare an ALERT at 5:30 in the morning. That rebellion was quelled, but the tone was set for the day. Aurora was initiated in Dealing with Family!

Ric and Geoffrey went out shopping early, leaving the pack +1 with me. More whining and pacing!

Most of the day’s action was spent reassuring each dog, including the visitor.
Mid afternoon I had time tp watch an Apex/Aurora play session in the back yard. But, it was a gray day and most of the shot have motion blur — it was an active, combative play session!

This shot caught Aurora checking out the path by the lemon trees between attacks on her aunt.

Aurora in the wilds by the lemon tree.
Aurora in the Wilds

Aurora continues to run for the hide-a-pet and protection when Shiloh looks at her. But, it’s a pretty peaceful invasion… so far.

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Day 89 — Another Day, Another Shot

Today was the third puppy shot day for Aurora, the second time she received the lepto vaccine which her aunt is allergic to.

The only photos from the day come from the rest that she and her aunt had together in bed before Aurora had to go for her meds. Apex was into comfort at 8:14 while Aurora was still thinking of playing.

Aurora and Apex on top of the comforter in the bedroom.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, says Apex

Fortunately, the visit with Dr. Chase was uneventful. We waited 30 minutes after the lepto shot to make sure there was no sign of a reaction and monitored her all the way home. Apparently, Aurora takes after her dad (and maybe her mother), and isn’t allergic to the vaccine.

She did seem more subdued during the day. Dr. Chase said she might run a fever because of the vaccine, but I thought that her daytime sleepiness could have simply been caused by her overactive and over anxious hour at the vet.

In any event, Aurora’s high energy returned by dinner. All is right with the world.

Except, of course, about 8 o’clock Geoffrey’s brother arrived for Christmas with Shiloh, Aurora’s her first non-pack-member canine.

Shiloh was a perfect — well, reasonable, gentleman. He was interested in the puppy but friendly and not overly aggressive. For her part, Aurora was very curious. But, if Shiloh looked at her hard or made any move toward her, she would scream and run to the sanctuary of the hide-a-pet.

We decided to keep Aurora separated from Shiloh when we weren’t watching. At least for today.

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