Day 17 — Playing Hide and Seek

We’ve seen MUNI’s eyes, but she’s not being rigorous about keep them open. Here’s her 8:10 am look this morning:

Day 17 -- Playing Hide and Seek

If you look real close — and believe — you can see MUNI’s eyes.
Click on the photo for a larger, clearer version.

We (mainly me, because Geoff is working 12-hour days for the upcoming tax deadline) are handling her more. Both MUNI and Zenith seem to be okay with that. MUNI calms down when I blow on her face/neck, just like her mother does.

Today, on the jittery scale, she jumped up 1.6 oz to 24.2 oz. I believe the weight gain — her walrus imitation is convincing.

Zenith, unfortunately, has loose bowels again, just as our SF vet predicted could happen if we started feeding her rich, wet puppy food. She’s asking to go out every few hours which also cuts into our sleep.

Oh well. Everyone is gaining weight and seems healthy.

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Day 16 — The Eyes Have It!

Day 16 -- I See!

Day 16 — I See!
Click for a full-size picture.

MUNI is keeping to her snuggling, eating, and sleeping routine, and it’s working. She looks like a fat, happy walrus in the whelping box.

This morning she was 1.4 oz heavier than yesterday; she is now at 22.6 oz!

Of course, the most impressive development was the ability to look MUNI in the eyes. You had to work at it, because she’s keeping the openings to a slit, but there definitely an eye on each side.

At the same time, Zenith has been eating regularly and strongly. She woke me up at 5:15 this morning, demanding breakfast, and she has been devouring the puppy food with gusto.

So we continue to nurse, nurture, and grow!


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Day 15 — Can I See Yet?

Another day of quiet growth… up to 21.2 oz at 8:15 am.

Here’s MUNI in the brighter kitchen lights at 8:15 am.

Day 15 -- Can I See Yet?

Day 15 — Can I See Yet?
Click for a larger version!

We checked for eyes in the morning, and there were none. But then, at 9:30 pm, Geoffrey looked into MUNI’s eyes for the first time. Yay!

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Day 14 — MUNI Feels Safe in a Dad’s Arms

Still no eyes are showing, but MUNI continues to eat, grow, and move more often and further away from her mother in the whelping box . All good!

When Geoffrey weighed MUNI this morning, it was another bouncy weight reading as she crawled around the towel on top of  the glass bowl on top of the scale! Geoffrey settled on a weight of 19.8 oz.

Here’s MUNI after the 8:50 am weigh in…

14-day-old dachshund puppy yawning

Day 14 — At Ease in Dad’s Arms.
(Click for a larger version).

The biggest improvement in pack morale today comes from Zenith’s stopping her diarrhea and the full recovery of her appetite. Even I cannot worry about Zenith being frail after last night’s gobbling of dinner which was followed by the devouring of a full bowl of wet puppy food both this morning and at night.  Whew!

Zenith also demanded a beating up by Paris after breakfast, rolling under Paris and making Paris chew her neck. She’s back to being a playful puppy (I guess I have to rephrase that now) mother dog!

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Day 13 — When “Sleep” is an Active Verb

It’s warm and sunny in Noe Valley, and all five girls are asleep, or close to it! Oddly, I am the only one who’s gone out and enjoyed the fall sun.

MUNI is preoccupied with growing, and Zenith looks comfortable providing the nourishment!

Day 13 -- When "Sleep" is an Active Verb

MUNI noshing while Zenith zones out.

MUNI weighed in another ounce heavier than yesterday at 18.4 oz. But, Geoffrey and I agree that the scale bounces all around with MUNI’s movements. It’s more like “pick a number” than scientific tracking.

Fortunately, she’s looking fat and healthy, and acting like a hungry 13 day old.

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