Day 72 — Late Play is Better than No Play

Aurora was kept from her mid-day play routine today because I had to go to a 12:30 meeting. She made do, though.

When I got home the sun had already gone past her backyard, but the far outback was still warm and fragrant.

Aurora in the far back yard checking out a stump while Apex gnaws her ball in the blurry background

Day 72 — Afternoon Exploration in the Way Back

Aurora must chew everything, while Apex is very happy tackling just one of her balls.

Because Aurora had a good lunch, we weren’t worried about a late dog dinner due to the humans having a date night. When we got home, the adults chowed down quickly but Aurora was more interested in playing. (You can tell by her coat, that Apex had already her share of playing outside in the rain.)

Aurora looking at the camera ready to play .

Day 72 — Giving up on a Late Dinner to Play

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Day 71 — Turning Off the Irrigation

Today Aurora reminded us of another home feature we used to have but which proved incompatible with puppies: a sprinkler system.

Aurora about to chew on a root

Day 71 — Examining the Roots

Aurora has consistently (so far) focused on chewing plants and their roots. She’s left the plastic bits of sprinklers alone.

However, this picture reminds us that previous puppies chewed enough parts to make the system leaking and unreliable. For a while — a few years, actually — we dutifully replaced the tubes and connectors gnawed by our beasts. But, we’ve stopped.

I’d like to say we stopped because we became more water conscious during the drought years. And, there’s some truth to that. Plus, our newer plants and bushes didn’t line up with the existing irrigation lines. But, the stop-stopping reason for no longer turning on the water is canine behavior!

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Day 70 — Continuing Traditional Gardening

Our backyard planter boxes arrived when our first pack was getting elderly. We were able to grow some flowers and tomatoes without fighting over them with the canines. However, in 2008 SeQueL arrived, and the planters quickly became a favorite playtime destination.

Aurora has continued the puppy tradition of wallowing, digging, and generally enjoying the now-falling-apart planters.

Aurora looking at the camera from the back of the planter

Day 70 — Morning Play in the Planter

Aurora has also decided that the planter box is also a litter box, at least the center part of it is. Very confusing to us humans, but the whole box is being enjoyed by this puppy.

Meanwhile, she continues another Ozdachs puppy tradition: nibbling on the roots of the agapantha. All of our puppies have decided the exposed agapantha roots are the best for flavor and texture!

Aurora chewing on agapantha roots in the backyard.

Day 70 — Agapantha Roots Cure Everything, right?

Today was pretty low key. Play, church (for me), play, and then dinner.

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Day 69 — Five Pounds of Adorableness

Aurora being weighed in a baking pan on top of a scale

Day 69 — A Weighty Matter

It’s been a few days since we last reported on the puppy’s weight. We actually weighted her on the the 29th (4 pounds, 15 ounces), but didn’t want to get anyone excited about an upcoming milestone. We skipped the scales yesterday.

Today she weighed in at an even 5 pounds! That’s only 1/2 ounce the last two days, but we are not worried. Not only is our measuring impercise (because the item on the scale bounces around a lot!), but it’s clear that she’s happy and healthy. We are fortunate.

And, yes. We weigh her when she’s on a towel inside a roasting pan on top of the food scale.

Even though it was the weekend, we didn’t have any visitors today. So, Aurora had to keep busy chewing out her grandmother. Fun!

Aurora on her back snapping at grandmother during play

Day 69 — Talking Back to Grandmother

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Day 68 — Breaking Down Barriers

Our little girl acquired new skills today.  Ones that show great development, but ones which mean more vigilance is needed by the humans!

This morning she got up the first step on the stairs!  Good girl!!

Then later when I was at the gym and had locked her into the kitchen, she appeared at Geoff’s bedside. She figured out how to push open the gate in the kitchen so she could escape into the bedroom.

Oh boy!

The clearest photo of the day, though, doesn’t show Aurora’s new skills. If anything, I think we should have a caption contest to describe what she and Apex are doing!

Aurora on top of Apex's back in the back yard

Day 68 — Photo Made for a Captain Contest

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