The owner of the Ashland Bed and Breakfast we stay at told Geoff today that she thought we were nice and never complained.

Really!  The nerve!!  I cannot every recall being tagged as nice and polite!

I have legions of friends and acquaintances who know better.  I whine, I complain.  I think of myself as competently bitchy if not downright bitter.

I think I know the problem.  The B&B, Country Willows, is more like a resort than a room.  There’s a full-size pool shared by the visitors to the only 9 guest rooms.  The grounds are an idyllic farm, and they’re maintained within an inch of their life.  Debbie is a gourmet cook whose three-course breakfasts seem always to include fresh ingredients from the garden.  She also serves a choice of sweet (Dutch babies with warm apples this morning) or savory (fresh chard quiche today) main courses.

I could go on.  But, you see the issue.  Moreover, the innkeepers themselves tell of problems like they are confessing mortal sins:  today the room was not made up while we were at breakfast because the housekeeper had car problems — it was cleaned during our morning swim instead.  Yet, we were notified of the delay in hushed tones as if the appropriate response would be a beating.

So, yeah, I guess we don’t complain too much. But, just here.  Not in real life.

And, we recommend the B&B for a night or a two-week stay. Here’s our plug:  Country Willows, 1313 Clay St, Ashland, OR . (541) 488-1590.  Here’s what it looked like yesterday after breakfast.

Ashland, OR B&B

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