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“unseen” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

unseen has too many themes, too many possibilities, and too many symbols to be either fun or worthwhile. It’s a well-meaning piece with two fine actors, and you will discuss your ideas about how to improve it. But, overall, it’s only 2 stars out of 5. Continue reading

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Signs of The END

Sometime in March I decided to gather photos of the signs that marked the END of streets. Today I uploaded my 450th END to the gallery “Signs of the End” gallery. Continue reading

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A Meaningful “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” hits Netflix tomorrow, December 18. I was lucky enough to see it last Friday, and I would like to recommend it! Highly! Forgive me if I assume that you know that the original play was written … Continue reading

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Purple Air, Purple Air

For our anniversary Geoffrey was given a Purple Air sensor. So, now we are on the Purple Air website and on the Government’s air quality map. And, we can also embed our own information on this blog… Geek Alert! Loading … Continue reading

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A Happy Oddity of Pacheco Street

As I walk around San Francisco during the Time of the Plague I am often delighted/confronted by special sights that would never be allowed in any “well organized” city plan. Previously I have discovered a street with two END signs … Continue reading

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