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Purple Air, Purple Air

For our anniversary Geoffrey was given a Purple Air sensor. So, now we are on the Purple Air website and on the Government’s air quality map. And, we can also embed our own information on this blog… Geek Alert! Loading … Continue reading

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A Happy Oddity of Pacheco Street

As I walk around San Francisco during the Time of the Plague I am often delighted/confronted by special sights that would never be allowed in any “well organized” city plan. Previously I have discovered a street with two END signs … Continue reading

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My Special Reason for Liking Kamela Harris

There is a lot to like about Senator Kamela Harris, and I celebrate her selection as Joe Biden’s running mate. She’s an experienced office holder who has done well in contentious hearings in the Senate. Before going to Washington, Harris … Continue reading

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How to Save Black Lives

Black Lives Matter. Period. The deaths of black men at the hands of police are tragedies that we as a society must work to stop.  Demands for change are appropriate and necessary. But, I worry that anti-police and anti-government protests … Continue reading

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Meditations on The Thin Blue Line

It’s been 40 years since my dispatching days at Long Beach Police. Have things changed? I remember working the day shift and wondering why whenever a certain officer radioed that he was going to investigate a suspicious subject on his … Continue reading

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