Back from the Woods

redozdachs and I are back in town after seeing friends and plays in Ashland and then going to the Oregon coast for a family reunion of the Henry Wood family of Middleborough, MA.  Sixty of us anal-retentive Woods and their spouses enjoyed Westwind, just north of Lincoln City.

Cousin Anne figures that the only way to get the youngest generation of our New England farm family to come to a reunion is to gather where there is plenty of pretty scenery and outdoor stuff to do.  Last time we met was in 1989 at Redfish Lake, ID.

Both sites worked well, even for this city branch of the Woods.

The Henry Wood family of Middleborough, Massachusetts in 2008
Wood Family 2008
Click for the full-size photo
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2 Responses to Back from the Woods

  1. excessor says:

    What a terrific photo! I like seeing such a diverse family. Are there any other gay folks in the family?

    • ozdachs says:


      There is one openly lesbian couple in my generation. I don’t know if there are more questioning or closeted, and then, of course, the kids are kids.

      Our wedding was announced to applause and congratulations, and cousins who are Catholic or Republicans went out of their way to wish us well.

      It was a high.

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