Day 12 — MUNI Naps and Zenith Has Her Stitches Removed

We blew it! The stitches from Zenith’s C-Section were supposed to be removed on Day 9 or 10, according to the discharge instructions I re-read this morning.

Ooops.  Fortunately, our SF vet, Dr. Jill Chase, changed her schedule and came by about 6. She checked Zenith out, removed the stitches, said Zenith’s weight was fine (I was worried Zenith’s picky eating were making her thin), and wasn’t worried about the probably-cottage-cheese-caused diarrhea. More importantly,  Dr. Chase marveled happily at MUNI’s size and healthy look.

Here’s MUNI modeling chunky good health in the whelping box:

Day 12 -- MUNI sleeping in the whelping box. Still no eyes!

Day 12 — MUNI sleeping in the whelping box. Still no eyes!
Click on the picture for a larger, clearer version.

MUNI gained only an ounce in the last day from 16.4 to 17.4. But, Geoffrey said that MUNI was wiggling in the scale so the needle was bouncing around. It went up to 17.9 at one point, but Geoffrey decided to record this more modest weight.

Dr. Chase did send me to Petco before she came to get wet puppy food to tempt Zenith with. Zenith has been going on and off particular food so quickly, that I bought one can of four different brands. Tonight she ate 1/2 of a small can of Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food (chicken & something). Dr. Chase said that was plenty for a dinner!

So, I think we have to keep our alert status low. Ever vigilant, but I have cause to practice being a non-anxious presence.

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