Day 43 — We’ve Been Shot!

MUNI’s six-week birthday celebration was punctuated by a visit from our vet!

Besides being examined head to toe and being weighed (3 pounds, 4.2 ounces), MUNI discovered by dogs don’t always have a good time when they see the vet.

MUNI received her first in a series (of 6???) puppy shots. Today was the just the basic anti-the-most-common-and-nasty illness shots: parvo for sure! She complained some, but, well, she is a puppy.

We were warned by the doctor that MUNI would likely run a fever and could be lethargic. Lethargic didn’t happen!  I don’t know about the fever, but MUNI kept to her new schedule of hard play followed by hard crashing.

We think it was an okay day for MUNI, despite the vaccinations!

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