Day 50 — Establishing Favorites

Our 7-week-old girl has been inundated with play toys and  unleashed to roam the kitchen.  She approves.

Day 50 -- Chewing our Way to Happiness

Day 50 — Chewing our Way to Happiness

She romps and plays, but her favorite discovery is the communal dog pile in the Hide-a-Pet under the butcher block.

Day 50 -- Favorite Spot

Day 50 — Favorite Spot

She has loved being under the towel in the whelping box, but the butcher block gives her a real roof, apparently!

I took her outside with the pack today. It was warm enough that she and Mom could get comfortable on the bricks and nibble on their favorite foods.

Day 50 -- Favorite Foods

Day 50 — Favorite Foods

The mid-afternoon snack was very appreciated by MUNI. I had tried to tempt her with some canned puppy food, but she held out for Mom.

Day 50 - Dining Al Fresco

Day 50 – Dining Al Fresco

Our vet was surprised last week that Zenith continued to let MUNI — and her full set of sharp teeth — continue to nurse. Apparently MUNI has learned how to shield Mom with her tongue.  We are not embarrassed by the outdoor milk bar. Really.

Day 50 - Who Says I'm Too Old to Nurse

Day 50 – Who Says I’m Too Old to Nurse

The multiple sources of calories seem to suit MUNI, though. She’s up to 3 pounds 8.8 ounces as she celebrates her 7th week birthday.

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