I Feel Like Jessica Fletcher

You know how Jessica  always discovered who done it by catching the bad guy knowing something only the killer knew?

So this vendor responds to my email flame which complained about a series of his failures to return calls to me. I’d listed a number of calls which failed to generate a response.  I asked him to call me or to give me the name of a contact in his company who’s available to help me.

He’s very apologetic in his call to me. He said that my early calls were assigned to someone who was supposed to take care of me. And, he says that he never got my most recent voicemail. Am I sure I left it?  He swears to me that he always acts on every message.

We make nice, and I explain the major problem I’m having with his service. He assures me that he’ll fix that issue. He goes on to say that he’ll also address another problem I’m having.  Except, the only time I mentioned this other problem was in the voicemail message which he says he never got. 

Angela Landsbury as Jessica FletcherWhat would Jessica do?

I did nothing, because the goal was to get the problems fixed.

But, I wouldn’t mind seeing the vendor led off to customer-service jail in handcuffs.

I hope I remember this call when one of my clients is snarling about something I haven’t done.  Or, maybe I better work harder to keep any of them from snarling!

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