Religious Principles and Health Care

Unitarian Universalist statement on Health CareThe national voice of my church is weighing in on on the heated health care hatred being spewed against any attempt to reform the current failed delivery system. I agree:

“The first religious principle at stake is compassion. We must be a strong, persistent voice that reminds our nation and our leaders that compassion is central to all major faith traditions,” says the President of the Unitarian Universalist Association, Rev. Peter Morales (pictured at right).

…”We are witnessing cynical demagoguery that plays on fear in order to defend privilege.”

Full Unitarian Universalist statement on health care.

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2 Responses to Religious Principles and Health Care

  1. ozdachs says:

    [I have deleted an off-topic comment]

    • robinedgar says:

      My Comment That You “Memory Holed” Was Very Much On Topic

      I do not consider it to be “off topic” to point out that Rev. Peter Morales, other UUA leaders, and other U*U clergy engage in a certain amount of cynical demagoguery that plays on fear in order to defend, preserve or indeed expand their own power and privilege ozdachs.

      Do you?


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