Stan and Bill

Relayed by PACE from Michael Foft dated September 6…

As you may have known, Stan was taken to the hospital last week; he has returned to the (same) convalescent hospital as of today; however; Folks, there is no way to sugar coat this: the prognosis is not good.

Basically, Stan was returned to the facility because nothing further can be done. It is only a matter of time, and not a great deal of that, until Stan Boyden dies; the decision was made that no intravenous feeding, no feeding tubes, etc., would be used; there would be little point to it. Apparently, the last time Stan was conscious/cognizant was on Saturday and his condition has worsened.

Bill St. John was at the facility earlier today; shortly after lunch, Michael took him home (Bill St. John’s home). He will likely go to visit Stan tomorrow but (apparently) does not expect Stan to be conscious and if so, unlikely to recognize him. My understanding is that Bill feels there is little point to visiting Stan. That said, if you do wish to visit (Stan), please call Bill at home. Bill is doing very well under the circumstances and knows we support him now as always.

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  1. allanh says:

    From my email yesterday morning …

    >>> 9/7/2005 9:20 AM >>>

    I’m saddened to report that Stan Boyden passed away Tuesday night, Sept 6, at about 11:30 pm PST. His partner of more than 55 years, Bill St John, is doing well this morning in his usual stoic way.

    I will publish more information in the next few days as arrangements are finalized. Please do not try to contact Bill St John directly at this time. You may direct questions to me at this email address.

    James Ozanich for
    Capital City Squares
    Sacramento, CA

  2. ozdachs says:

    I just got the Capital City forwarded email a few minutes ago from the PACE list I’m on. I posted it and then saw your comment. Thank you for the update.

    55 years together. What a great relationship with two great men.

  3. cjsmith says:

    Oh, man — saw ‘s comment… *sniffle*.

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