Yield Pricing… or Intuit Tries to be United Airlines

Tony said last night that Quicken sent him email yesterday offering 50% off products for five days. 
It’s getting time to upgrade the version I have , so I decided to to Quicken this morning to buy the latest.

When I went to the Intuit Quicken page from within my current version of Quicken, the products were at full price. No discounts, no deals.

So, I cleared the cookies and went to redozdachs‘s CPA firm’s affiliate page and tried there.  The products were all 20% off. Still not 50%, and no other deals.

I cleared the cookies again and called Tony. He emailed me the link he used. Success!

Quicken on Sale... with special link

In addition to 50% off list price, with Tony’s link Quicken Home and Office comes with Will Maker Plus 2009 and and Legal Business Pro 2008. 

I bought and downloaded.

I am pleased with the “deal”. But, I am a white-bread man from New England who just wants to go into a store (or to a site) and buy. I want to be confident that I am getting a reasonable deal. I don’t want to hunt, dicker, or play games.

I know when I fly that the person on my right paid 1/2 what I did and the person on my left paid 2x what I did. I know it, and don’t like the randomness of it. I really don’t like the pricing differences on commodity items.


Color me old fogy.

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3 Responses to Yield Pricing… or Intuit Tries to be United Airlines

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    I hate that businesses do that. Yay for Tony having the link.

  2. billeyler says:

    Interesting…I’ve used Quicken and QuickBooks for years, but I haven’t gotten any email from them in a VERY long time.

    Reminds me. Time to get the new Turbo Tax!

  3. abqdan says:

    This is a fairly common online technique. Surprisingly, if you are a freqquent user of Amazon.com, you will find many prices higher than those available to casual users. Other retailers use these same techniques, marketing by geographic region, demographic and buying patterns.

    It’s best to assume that there are NO standard prices for products online.

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