An Early Halloween

At cocktail hour on Halloween redozdachs and I went out to 440 Castro to watch the military parade on Castro Street. If police uniforms counted, most everyone was in costume… there were battalions of them!  Otherwise, no people in the streets, at least while we were out.

We hung out until past 7 when David, Harlan, and blurkerbear arrived in their 3 Little Schul Girls frocks:

Three Little Schul Girls

I’ve posted comments elsewhere agreeing with The City’s decision to close down the neighborhood this year.  I understand the grumbles, but instead of 10 shooting victims like last year, this year there were only 6 arrests for drunkenness. 

Now lets work together to have a party next Halloween — it’ll be a Friday night, after all!


blurkerbear quoted in the Bay Area Reporter (look most the way down the article)

David and Jody from the 440

Photo Album of the 440 scene

Slideshow of the same pictures (you won’t see the captions or comments)

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