An Update on Bill and Stan

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From: Michael Jon Foft [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:58 PM
Subject: Stan and Bill – an update

Dear Friends –

Stan is not doing well. A few weeks ago he was falling again, and started using a wheelchair. The past week was spent in the hospital, and on Sunday he was moved to a nursing home.

Seems to be a myriad of problems: a variation of Parkinson’s causing tremors, both throat and blood infections, liver problems, occasional bouts of dementia/delusions, stiff joints, not eating enough, very weak, etc.
Bill is doing very well in handling the situation. They did have a good anniversary. Mutual friends, Boyce and Larry for those of you who know them, hosted a very nice luncheon with several of their old (as in long time) friends.  (A perspective – Bill and I were referred to the youngsters in a short-term relationship!)

There are signs of hope.  The staff is getting him out of bed, into a wheelchair, taking him to the dining room and generally moving him about.
And the therapists are working with him, and seem to be “pushing” him, which is a good thing.

We, and Boyce and Larry, are transporting Bill from home and back to spend each day with Stan.  If you want to call Bill (#916-929-8828), a good time is about 8-9AM – he’s an early riser, and I or they usually pick him up about 9:30.  And he is back home about 7PM.

A “thinking of you”-type of card may be the best thing at this point. I strongly feel a “get well” card is not appropriate.

For the Convention people involved, we thank you all for you efforts, contributions, and offers to “do something special” during the weekend for them; however, we feel right now is very unlikely they will attend.  And we seriously doubt that Bill would want to go without Stan – although who knows, he may surprise us all and it might be good for him.  As we know more closer to the date, I may send a mailing to all on that original list.

For local folks, Stan is at Manor Care, 7807 Uplands Way, Citrus Hits
[I think it’s supposed to be Citrus Heights. Anyway, the USPS gives the address and ZIP as
CITRUS HTS CA 95610-7500
— Galen]
, ph #916-967-2929 (no phone in room).  It is the same place he was before, in the northwest quadrant near Sunrise and Madison/Birdcage.  Bill feels it a bit too early yet for visitors, but I will keep you posted.

As always, you all are most welcomed to call/email us if and when you want any updates – and we will keep you posted as this all continues.

Yellowrocks – Michael Foft/Bill McCrory.  916-969-5153

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