Room Service

Ashland, Oregon
at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Room Service by J.R. Sullivan

Grade B fluff.  Pure and simple farce done well that offers no redeeming social value or entertaining special spark.

This revival of a 1937 work continues Oregon Shakespeare’s puzzling determination to have an annual comedy about a play within a play. This year’s offering is well executed, but hasn’t the timing fun of Noises Off  and is otherwise pedestrian and predictable. At least it isn’t as leaden as last year’s The Royal Family.

The cast is credible and does a fine job.  Chris DuVal as the young playwright gets to bounce on the furniture — as he seems destined to do whenever he’s cast in a light role — but that’s just a personal annoyance of mine.

This play will be a hit with audiences.  Ho, ho, ho! 

There’s just not much to say about it… or recommend it over a re-run of Seinfeld or other comedy about nothing.

Ozdachs rating: ** out of  *****

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