British Ban Carry-On Laptops?

The news is reporting that one of the new British airline rules is to disallow liquids and electronic devices such as laptop computers from plane cabins.

Last I knew, the baggage claim checks specifically say that there is no liability for a number of things including all electronic devices. About 10 years ago I checked an old laptop, it was stolen, and I was told tough luck and pointed to the claim check wording.

If laptops, phones, etc. are banned from carry-ons, will airlines step up to insuring checked electronics?

If they won’t, and banning electronics becomes widespread, this seems like a potential huge hit to laptop makers if not other electronic makers.

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  1. billeyler says:

    Since many callers, including me, travel with laptops, as probably about 20% of the passengers do on a normal plane trip, if this were instituted domestically, I’d have to think HARD about whether I would want to check it as luggage. That goes for my backup system of an .mp3 player and disks.

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