Ozdachs Kennels Litter announcement

We were very tired 11 years ago this moment, at 6:55 in the morning.  The vet had just left with stern instructions to leave Syntax alone. Let her get some sleep and get some sleep ourselves.

We had run through the VCR of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert about five times during the night, never really watching it.  Instead, every time Syntax sighed, we’d lose track of the movie and watch to see if this was The Moment.  We watched heads poke up in the middle of her stomach, looking for the way out.  We went and checked our crash cart with its emergency airway tools and books that might help us reduce the 25% normal puppy mortality rate.  We did almost everything except relax.

But, nothing happened. AT dawn we called the vet to see if we needed to have a C-section or somehow help the process.

Instead, the vet sent us all to bed. Syntax was grateful for the break.  Shortly after 1 she woke up and started delivering, delivering, delivering…  She gave birth to seven live and healthy puppies, exceeding all standards of normal.  When she was still panting after number 7, we took her and the whole littler to be x-rayed to make sure all were out and the panting wasn’t disguised pain or trouble with a stuck 8th.

Everything was fine.  Once again all Syntax wanted was simple rest. 

I dropped redozdachs and the litter off at home while I went out to our then-favorite restaurant, Oppenheimer’s.  They didn’t do take out, but they made dinner for us, including a raw steak for the mother dog.

That was 11 years ago?

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2 Responses to Time

  1. sfmini says:

    Seems Turbo and I are the first to congratulate the happy family.

    • ozdachs says:

      Thank you! The family is still very happy.

      Only two of the puppies still live at home, and they’ve adopted the adult names of “Vector” (third? boy) and “Array” (second? girl). Another puppy lives on Douglass Street, another on 7th Avenue, and another in Reno. Two other siblings moved out of the city and their families have not contacted us in some years.

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