Coming Up for Air

After 16 tax seasons with redozdachs my method of coping has devolved into sharing his pain by being equally focused on non-fun things. 

Since arriving home from the pre-tax-season cruise, I haven’t managed to edit and publish the photographs from the trip. 

John Marsh with swim goggles and hatBut, I have:

Sure, there have been cocktail hours at 440 Castro (too many, perhaps), but no blogging, fun photo shooting, or much else to separate me from the suffering accountants of this country.  And, there were many spare-time tasks to counterbalance the drinks such as “upgrading” to Office 2007, buying and configuring a new laptop, and installing Carbonite (another good-for-you program that backs up your computer via the Internet).

This morning, after dropping redozdachs off for his Saturday tour of duty at work, spring hit me in the face. Maybe it was the pollen from the flowers?  I decided not to go to the gym, Trader Joe’s, and other places geared for productive hunting and gathering. Instead I have napped, read the instructions for the software I purchased months ago, beat the dogs, and picked at list of neglected “I’ll finish this sometime” magazine articles.

I’m sorry that CPA’s have another 10 days to go. I’d like to keep up the pace. But, one of us has to remain sane.

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4 Responses to Coming Up for Air

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    So who the heck is in the pic?

  2. billeyler says:

    I’ve always considered myself blessed that as an accountant I never chose that field!

    Hope you all are able to reconnect after April 15!

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