Planning Ahead?

I made flight reservations to the Denver convention without much problem today. (Okay, no seat assignments on the way home, but standing for 2 hours won’t be bad, will it?)

However, it looks like the hotel block is filled on some days and filling on the others.  The online site showed most days sold out for either a normal room or a “Regency Club” room from our 5/23rd arrival through our 5/28 departure.

The toll-free number reservation number found a Regency Club room for the 23rd and regular rooms for the remaining nights. But, we have to move on the 24th and I was told we got the last room available in the block for some of the nights.

Running out of rooms in the hotel block is becoming another IAGSDC tradition.

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7 Responses to Planning Ahead?

  1. billeyler says:

    Hope it works out. 🙁

    • ozdachs says:


      We’re covered (with a potential minor inconvenience of having to move rooms). I hope more rooms are put into the block for those who are even less prompt with reservations than we are.

  2. otterpop58 says:

    email Jorge (co chair) squareboy AT msn DOT com

    complain loudly.

    it is a tradition that needs to be fixed. I’ll bring it up at the delegate meeting (again).

    good luck

    • ozdachs says:

      I filled out a couple of comment forms directed to Jorge on the Denver convention site before I posted here. My messages were pleas for assistance and to let them know what the room status was.

      I don’t know what the convention committee can do, but I think that not being able to easily book rooms at the convention hotel could keep overall attendance down.

      And, thanks… the room block size is information which needs to get fed into the IAGSDC feedback loop.

  3. allanh says:

    I strongly urge you to contact the Denver Committee and let them know that you can’t get a room for the entire convention.

    They may have some rooms in reserve, or be able to pull some strings with the hotel to get you a room you can use for all of Convention without having to move.

    • ozdachs says:

      I sent messages to the organizers yesterday to let them know. But, says the problem with the 23rd has been unresolvable for months (see below). We’ll see.

  4. fuzzygruf says:

    Yeah, the 23rd has been sold out of convention rates for MONTHS (at least since December). They are asking the GCA students to share rooms because they didn’t set rooms aside for them.

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