Day 16 — The Eyes Have It!

Day 16 -- I See!

Day 16 — I See!
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MUNI is keeping to her snuggling, eating, and sleeping routine, and it’s working. She looks like a fat, happy walrus in the whelping box.

This morning she was 1.4 oz heavier than yesterday; she is now at 22.6 oz!

Of course, the most impressive development was the ability to look MUNI in the eyes. You had to work at it, because she’s keeping the openings to a slit, but there definitely an eye on each side.

At the same time, Zenith has been eating regularly and strongly. She woke me up at 5:15 this morning, demanding breakfast, and she has been devouring the puppy food with gusto.

So we continue to nurse, nurture, and grow!


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