Day 17 — Playing Hide and Seek

We’ve seen MUNI’s eyes, but she’s not being rigorous about keep them open. Here’s her 8:10 am look this morning:

Day 17 -- Playing Hide and Seek

If you look real close — and believe — you can see MUNI’s eyes.
Click on the photo for a larger, clearer version.

We (mainly me, because Geoff is working 12-hour days for the upcoming tax deadline) are handling her more. Both MUNI and Zenith seem to be okay with that. MUNI calms down when I blow on her face/neck, just like her mother does.

Today, on the jittery scale, she jumped up 1.6 oz to 24.2 oz. I believe the weight gain — her walrus imitation is convincing.

Zenith, unfortunately, has loose bowels again, just as our SF vet predicted could happen if we started feeding her rich, wet puppy food. She’s asking to go out every few hours which also cuts into our sleep.

Oh well. Everyone is gaining weight and seems healthy.

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  1. Diane says:

    Muni is looking beautiful!

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