Day 26 — There’s a World Out There!

MUNI definitely started noticing the world today!

First off, at breakfast time for the pack, Zenith was chowing down in the kitchen when she heard MUNI crying in the TV room. MUNI has made crying noises before as she searched for mom in the whelping box or wanted to complain briefly about some outrage, but this was different. MUNI had noticed that she was alone, and had a real need for companionship. Squeal!

So, Zenith moved and finished her bowl of food in the whelping box next to MUNI. MUNI took notice of us both in the room and quieted down while Mom ate.

All day MUNI was watching what and who was going on around her. She’d track me when I came into the TV room. She’d crawl over to my arm and bit my finger, testing it for food production, I assume.

By the way, MUNI has little teeth started. They’re sharp and small and not too far out. But, I definitely felt gnawed.

MUNI in the whelping box next to a binder clip

Day 26 – MUNI Starts Noticing Things
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I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but for the last night or two after Geoffrey and I have finished dinner on the TV bed, we have invited both Zenith and MUNI to join us.  Zenith was nervous the first time, having her daughter up on the bed and exposed. But tonight both of them settled down next to one of us and didn’t cling to each other. MUNI and Zenith each enjoyed direct contact with the human daddies.

Very cute, of course!

Day 26 — the first day I am confident that MUNI was reacting to the World!

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