Day 34 — A Saturday at Home with the Pack

MUNI gained only an ounce today to 2 pounds, 13 ounces. The leisurely progression reflected the laid-back nature of the whole day.

Grandma SeQueL made sure everything was orderly for the stay-at-home day for the girls…

Day 34 - Grandmother Inspects

Day 34 – Grandmother Inspects
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… even if Geoffrey and I went out mid-day for a cooking class and memorial service (two separate events!). Our absence, from 11:30 to about 4, was the longest that MUNI has ever gone without human supervision.

She was not stressed by the abandonment.

To make up for our galavanting after dinner we invited the whole pack to watch TV with us. MUNI fit right in, although we cleared the confusion a bit for Geoffrey to take this photo.

Galen and MUNI on the TV Bed

Geoffrey took this photo of MUNI cuddling next to me while the rest of the pack joined us on the TV room bed.

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