Day 35 — MUNI Learns to Play

We remember that when the whelping box comes to the kitchen, it’s a time of quick development for puppies. Today exemplified the fast-paced world of a developing bitch!

MUNI was alert and inquisitive from the start of the day. Mother Zenith kept her close, but there was a gleam in her eye for her morning iPhone portrait.

Day 35 - Mother and Daughter in the whelping box

Day 35 – Mother and Daughter captured on Geoffrey’s iPhone

When I returned from church mid-afternoon, MUNI definitely had gained a new skill: play!

MUNI playing with Zenith

Day 35 – We will Call it Play. MUNI Growls at Mom, Incited by Geoffrey’s Fingers
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Geoffrey called me over to hear MUNI’s puppy play growls as she attacked her mother’s ears. “Grrr!!!”

Zenith took the assault calmly.

But, the new activity called “play” continued through the afternoon. By the time MUNI’s dinner guests arrived and did some modest petting, she was done for the day!

Day 35 - Mom Watches over Exhausted Puppy

Day 35 – Mom Watches over Exhausted Puppy

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