Day 64 — Expanding Her Territory

Aurora’s adventure today was deciding that the back yard — all of it — is part of her domain.

She’s been pretty bold for a while about wandering all over the bricks and going back to the lemon tree to sniff and chew.

Aurora by the lemon tree

Day 64 — Exploring the Backyard

This evening, Aurora took the path between the bushes and went out to the Outback!

Aurora in very back of the yard

Day 64 — Aurora In the Way Outback

Of course I went with her, looked ahead to make sure that there were no evil predators lurking around, and generally did nervous parental things.  For her part, Aurora was fearless and happy.

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One Response to Day 64 — Expanding Her Territory

  1. Patty Ronney says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha! You understand the parental worry thing, at least in part! Imagine my overblown parental worry thing after working where I did!

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