Day 63 — A Day of Activity

Sunday is touted as a day of rest. It isn’t for a puppy and her family!

Aurora played with the pack and with the humans starting about 6 am.

Today’s pictures are from the afternoon visit of out-of-town guests.

Day 63 -- Allen Meets Aurora

Day 63 — Allen Meets Aurora

Allen and Neil stopped in to greet a somewhat reserved Aurora. They both got down on the floor to make Aurora more comfortable.

Neil Holds Aurora

Day 63 — Aurora Gets Held

Aurora seems to be checking in with me to make sure she has the adorable puppy act down right.

Allen smiles while holding Aurora

Day 63 — Happiness is a Warm Puppy

She seems to have convinced Allen that she is lap-worthy.

Neil, wound up the meeting by ruffling her ear while she was still being held by Allen.

Neil strokes Aurora's ear a peace offering

Day 63 – A Finger on the ear as a Peace Offering


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