Day 69 — Five Pounds of Adorableness

Aurora being weighed in a baking pan on top of a scale

Day 69 — A Weighty Matter

It’s been a few days since we last reported on the puppy’s weight. We actually weighted her on the the 29th (4 pounds, 15 ounces), but didn’t want to get anyone excited about an upcoming milestone. We skipped the scales yesterday.

Today she weighed in at an even 5 pounds! That’s only 1/2 ounce the last two days, but we are not worried. Not only is our measuring impercise (because the item on the scale bounces around a lot!), but it’s clear that she’s happy and healthy. We are fortunate.

And, yes. We weigh her when she’s on a towel inside a roasting pan on top of the food scale.

Even though it was the weekend, we didn’t have any visitors today. So, Aurora had to keep busy chewing out her grandmother. Fun!

Aurora on her back snapping at grandmother during play

Day 69 — Talking Back to Grandmother

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