Day 70 — Continuing Traditional Gardening

Our backyard planter boxes arrived when our first pack was getting elderly. We were able to grow some flowers and tomatoes without fighting over them with the canines. However, in 2008 SeQueL arrived, and the planters quickly became a favorite playtime destination.

Aurora has continued the puppy tradition of wallowing, digging, and generally enjoying the now-falling-apart planters.

Aurora looking at the camera from the back of the planter

Day 70 — Morning Play in the Planter

Aurora has also decided that the planter box is also a litter box, at least the center part of it is. Very confusing to us humans, but the whole box is being enjoyed by this puppy.

Meanwhile, she continues another Ozdachs puppy tradition: nibbling on the roots of the agapantha. All of our puppies have decided the exposed agapantha roots are the best for flavor and texture!

Aurora chewing on agapantha roots in the backyard.

Day 70 — Agapantha Roots Cure Everything, right?

Today was pretty low key. Play, church (for me), play, and then dinner.

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