Day 72 — Late Play is Better than No Play

Aurora was kept from her mid-day play routine today because I had to go to a 12:30 meeting. She made do, though.

When I got home the sun had already gone past her backyard, but the far outback was still warm and fragrant.

Aurora in the far back yard checking out a stump while Apex gnaws her ball in the blurry background

Day 72 — Afternoon Exploration in the Way Back

Aurora must chew everything, while Apex is very happy tackling just one of her balls.

Because Aurora had a good lunch, we weren’t worried about a late dog dinner due to the humans having a date night. When we got home, the adults chowed down quickly but Aurora was more interested in playing. (You can tell by her coat, that Apex had already her share of playing outside in the rain.)

Aurora looking at the camera ready to play .

Day 72 — Giving up on a Late Dinner to Play

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