Finally a test I can Pass

97%ALCOHOLICexcessor, a fellow 97%’er, and I can tear up bars together… so long as we have the appropriate designated driver.

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3 Responses to Finally a test I can Pass

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    97%? You should go out and celebrate!

  2. excessor says:

    Each person has a skill. We’re lucky to have found one of ours. It requires much research to keep this skill.


  3. Anonymous says:

    PAWS is indeed a wonderful group. I always target my donations at Community Thrift to PAWS.

    Now, thankfully they’ve expanded beyond just the HIV disabled community that I (actually, my hound-dog Bharnie) am a client.

    Bharnie gets some veterinary care, his shots, most medications, pedicures, all of his food from them. They have also given us, a really fabulous dogbed, a new leash and collar, Advantage, shampoo, rawhide bones and treats.

    They are very friendly and overworked people. For people who are shut-ins, the even provide dogwalking and food delivery.

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