Good Publicity is a Lot of Fun

Since the article on our minister’s family appeared in Sunday’s Chronicle I have enjoyed a wonderful flurry of phone greetings and congratulatory emails. 

The Democratic Candidate for California Secretary of State, State Senator Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach), has called to accept our invitation to the minister’s installation ceremony 4 pm Sunday. Assemblyman Mark Leno (D- San Francisco) did, too!

Thanks to fuzzygruf for the posting in his blog and for the other good wishes. 

After a couple days of excitement I am able to concentrate somewhat on my clients’ CPA seminars and email issues.  But, it is a lot more fun to read a comment on the family by le_lapin in Finland than it is to write newsletter copy about the addition of free online calculators, even if the calculators are on redozdachs‘ firm’s site!

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