The Forever Family

SF Gate front page with picture of Stillman White and childrenThe above-the-fold front page story in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning is about my church’s new minister and his family. 

The focus is on how the family came together and the commitment of two gay men to make a difference through love.

The article jumps from the front page to a two-page spread in the front section under the headline “The Forever Family”. The Chron cheats!  They use large pictures of the very cute kids to move the story along.

It works very well.

The family was the lead story on when I looked. Wow!

The online article without the pictures interwoven isn’t as powerful as the paper (so go out and buy a Chronicle!).  But, online there is a tremendous video.  The movie interviews Rev. Stewart and his partner, shows scenes from his first day in the pulpit, and documents the anxiety from the boys’ first day of school when two sons were lost because they were told to get on the wrong bus to go home. But, mostly the multi-media and printed stories are about love.

See the video. Really! Please!


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5 Responses to The Forever Family

  1. fuzzygruf says:

    Nice story and video. And you made the front page of the newspaper!

  2. billeyler says:

    Thanks…that’s certainly a theme this weekend!

  3. le_lapin says:

    […] mostly the multi-media and printed stories are about love.

    Indeed. I was moved too about that little incident when the youngest kids missed their bus. If you have the chance to talk to that couple please do let them know their story reached this side of the Atlantic pond. I wish them all the best for the future of their family.

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