Hopeful Sign or Wishful Thinking?

Yesterday afternoon the Commonwealth Club phoned to tell me that next Wednesday’s scheduled address by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had been canceled.  The speech had just been added to the calendar, so the change was sudden.

I figured that government officials have flexible schedules, and didn’t think much about it. 

redozdachs heard about the change and came up with a great idea.  Maybe Rumsfeld is going to follow Andy Card out of Washington.

Rumsfeld has arrogantly and badly misjudged the Iraq war.  He continues to give no public sign of understanding ground-level truth.  He’s an architect of a dangerous and unsuccessful policy, a promoter of torture, and a determined destroyer of national purpose and morality.

I’ll take the cancellation of Rumsfeld’s speech as a hopeful sign.  Maybe he will resign “for personal reasons” in the next week or so.

Okay. Probably he just had a dentist appointment in DC that he forgot about and had to cancel the talk at the Commonwealth Club for that reason.  But, it costs nothing to hope, and the fantasy of a government without this immoral man is very pleasant.

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3 Responses to Hopeful Sign or Wishful Thinking?

  1. billeyler says:

    is of the same mind as you about Rumsfeld. As for me, I hear that both parties are asking for a more broad base shakeup than just the Card Deal.

  2. alpenhorn says:

    Actually, let’s hope he stays along with the rest of the admin. It will only continue to decline so the Dems can take control again.

  3. wooddragon says:

    Way back when Ashcroft resigned, I was hopeful Rumsfeld would follow suit. No dice so far…

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