They’re Here!

The Stewart FamilyAfter ten months of working on the Search Committee, we’re down to the final 8 days!

Yesterday I greeted the minister and his family as they arrived after a soggy six-hour drive from Reno.  Now the Congregation gets to meet, talk with, and grill Greg and make its decision whether or not he’s a keeper.

This family photo is the best answer I know to the Catholic Archbishop’s comment on the unsuitability of gay people as adoptive parents. 

The kids would be better off in foster care being shuttled from residence to residence.  Right. Sure thing.

More (and larger) photos and activities will be posted online throughout the week on Flickr.  Here, too, probably.

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  1. cjsmith says:

    That is a great picture. Look at those grins on the boys — and just as in any family photo, one really didn’t want to smile at the camera. 🙂

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