Before the long tax season starts for redozdachs, we need to decompress to give our systems a running start at the chasm of endless hours and frazzled nerves.  Our 2006 January relaxation in Ashland was just what we needed, and we wanted a repeat of that break from everyday commitments.

Maybe it was a passing rainstorm, or maybe it was the reports on the various people lost in Western-state snows, but something diverted us from Oregon to thinking “warm”.  Airfares to Puerto Vallarta looked reasonable, and we had a good place to stay lined up if we could find some folks who wanted the other master bedroom. 

Then we wandered by the Princess Cruise Lines site.  An 11-day sailing from San Francisco to Acapulco was available and at a price less than airfare and lodging.  No airport security, no crappy airline service.  Not much to decide.

We’ll be on the Dawn Princess January 14 -25th. The bridge cam picture below will update to show where we are.

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  1. billeyler says:

    Yay you! Well deserved!

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