The Dog Days of January

After 3 trips to the vet in 2 days, Vector is comfortable and without signs of infection.  He still isn’t himself. Moments of lively greetings are balanced by lots of time at the back of his kennel.

Something simple and soon curable like doggie diverticulitis? Irritable bowel? Something awful like a cancerous tumor blocking his stomach?

No one knows.  Time will tell.  Nothing to do.

Vector and Galen

Our ueber-cautious vet told us to keep our vacation plans.  She’ll make sure that he gets the treatment he needs while we’re away.  If it turns out he needs anything. 

Medical science is too much like interpretive art.

Scary and vexing. 

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3 Responses to The Dog Days of January

  1. wooddragon says:

    Sigh. Poor guy. I hope whatever it is is cured soon.

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