We’re back! Disembarked at 10:30 this morning, and still unpacking and doing laundry.

Wonderful trip.

Here’s a quick log started on my notebook on board.  Over the next few days I’ll download pictures, make links, and add some impressions.

Sunday  (1/14) – embarked in San Francisco and sailed under Golden Gate Bridge in bright, clear, cold sunlight. A Princess-sponsored Friends of Dorothy meeting started soon after we went under the bridge, and we met two other couples and some strays over cocktails.
Monday –  cold crystal clear day at sea.
Tuesday  – Another sea day, hint of mildness in the air, at least we San Franciscans thought so.  Saw a whale astern and some dolphins while we soaked in the hot tub.
Wednesday – the third sea day, was warm. We got wet in the adult pool before I finished Letter to a Christian Nation in the sun.  Our first swim. No skin burning in the sun, and it was good to be out.
Thursday – we docked at Acapulco.  redozdachs and I each got some sun on our right side as we spent an hour on the forward deck watching the maneuvering into port.  We joined the City Walking tour with the Fort San Diego and the old downtown city square.  Our night trip ws to the cliff divers. 
Friday – we discovered we want to come back to Zihuatanejo.  Clean, nice scale, and friendly.  We walked a few blocks off the beach until a main street brought us down to a bridge and a paved shoreline walk.  We sauntered to the end and then back to the ship. We timed dinner in the top-deck windowed steakhouse for the sunset sailing.  Spectacular.  redozdachs saw the legendary green flash over the calm waters.
Saturday – in Puerto Vallarta we kept our noon date with Matt and Neil at Daiquiri Dicks.  The taxi dropped us off at the River and we walked down to the beach, down to La Palapa, past the old Chili’s and back to wait for M&N.  The cloudy day in the mid 70’s had Matt in a long-sleeved shirt.  Perfect weather for our tastes. After catching up with them we walked along the surf to the end of Playa des los Muertes, had  a bad drink at the Blue Chairs, and cabbed to the ship. We again dined in the steakhouse for the sailing.  Sunset found us still leaving the bay.
Sunday –  we enjoyed the 72-degree high in Mazatlan. Early walking tour though the old town with its restored opera house and other early buildings.  The chips and beer stop was complete with a guitar and flute playing musician.  Kinda fun. Back on ship for an afternoon of reading and pooling.
Monday – our last port stop at Cabo San Lucus was the second that required that we tender in — no dock in town is big enough for the Dawn Princess.  Our two-hour whale watching trip on a zodiac was good fun.  The guide found two humpbacks in about 15 minutes, and we trailed them for an hour or so.  The whales led us on a leisurely path.  They didn’t seem to mind us, and surfaced regularly so we could keep snapping our pictures.
Tuesday – back on sea.  Too cool for sunning, but the bright sun felt warm in sheltered areas of the ship. At the  cocktail bar on the lido deck we both saw the brief green sunset flash.  The second formal-wear night night found us drinking with two other couples we met at the Friends of Dorothy meetings.  We went to a late dinner after seeing The Devil Wears Prada in the ship’s theater.  Now that the cruise is on its last leg, the ship has upped the class of its food.  Tonight my choice was crab legs, which were meaty and fresh.  Princess apparently wants to leave us with fond memories of their food.
Wednesday – last day on sea… and of this cruise.  We spent time in the outdoor hot tub on the aft deck and in another pool there which was heated specially for the cooler weather.  Lovely water and view of endless water. Our final dinner was lobster — with two Beef Wellington’s ordered for the table of 10.  Eight of us were Friends of Dorothy and the other two were the brother and sister-in-law of a tribe member.  Many cocktails, much conversation, and more contentment. 
Thursday (1/25) – back in San Francisco.  We were on the deck at a quarter to six this morning to watch The City come into view.  We sailed under the Golden Gate at about 6:10.  After that we went to our last multi-course breakfast.  The smoked salmon with a bagel is a breakfast in its own right. Then we gathered our five hand-carry bags, waited our turn, and put our cruise card through the disembarkation gates a final time. 

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