Day 36 — Let the Play Continue!

It’s Monday and the start of MUNI’s fifth week!

She weighed 2 pounds, 14.4 ounces at 8:20, and seems very comfortable with her full figure.

The morning activity of practicing play was truly exhausting for Mom and puppy. Gnawing at ears and waving your front paws at the adults is very tiring!

Zenith and MUNI napping in the whelping box

Day 36 – The Pack that Naps Together…

The challenge today is to keep the puppy-sized tennis balls in the vicinity of the puppy and not allow Apex to run off into the back yard with all three. I decided that we’d give up one to Aunt Play Machine, but MUNI herself seems interested in learning about the movement of round things.

Day 36 - MUNI and Her Tennis Ball

Day 36 – MUNI and Her Tennis Ball

Actually, all the adults, including play-reluctant Mother Zenith, wanted a chew at the ball. It was hard to let MUNI learn the rules of the game because the other girls wanted to take the toy for their own.

Although MUNI is developing more and more personality, she fortunately still likes sleep, so getting some work done during the day is possible!

Actually, Geoffrey and I both worked late and met Mary Pat for dinner at Catch. Following the meal there Mary Pat was gracious enough to come back to our house to give MUNI another dose of socialization.

Mary Pat Holds MUNI

Thanks for the socialization, Mary Pat!!

They seemed to hit it off!

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