Day 37 — Three Pounds of Cuteness

At 8:20 am MUNI tipped the scales at 3 pounds even. Good BIG girl!

She continues to have play sessions where she waves her paws at the adult dogs, does a sort of down dog, and wags her tail. Then she collapses.  Zenith and SeQueL play along as does Paris when she figures out what’s going for her ear. Apex isn’t sure she’s allowed to play, and is mostly backing off, wagging her tail.

Zenith seems to remain the main source of nourishment. When gruel is put in front of MUNI, she approaches the saucer gingerly, nibbles on a bare part of the plate, backs off, and then finds a spot with food which she takes a lap or nibble of.

Day 37 -- "MUNI sampling solid food

Day 37 — “They Really Eat this Stuff?” asks MUNI

MUNI continues learning how to “play”. Today’s main adventure has been chewing fingers. Cute, but she does have teeth!

Day 37 -- Hands are for Chewing

Day 37 — Hands are for Chewing

Today’s special visitor gave us a ride home from the Castro and stopped in to help us with socialization. Thank you, Firooz!

Day 37 -- MUNI Meets Firooz

Day 37 — MUNI Meets Firooz
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