Day 6 — Metro Died

We received a call from the hospital about 11 last night. The doctor told us that Metro had died.

We feel the loss.

This is the first puppy we have had die in our three litters. We know that the rate of puppy mortality is fairly high, but Metro’s is our first death.

Metro struggled to find his way from his first moments. The photo below shows the care team at Bishop Ranch trying to help Metro latch on to his mother. He really never got the hang of finding a nipple and eating.

Trying to Help Metro Eat in His First Hour of Life

Trying to Help Metro Eat in His First Hour of Life

We very, very much appreciate the warm wishes of support and for Metro’s recovery.

Thank you.

We also feel extraordinarily lucky to have been able to have given him as much support as humanly possible. He had top-quality professional care delivered with kindness and warmth.

The vets could find no birth defects, injuries, or objective cause for Metro’s reluctance to suck and eat. There was nothing to fix, nothing to point to as “The Cause.”

Sometimes, a puppy is not able to thrive.

Goodbye, Metro. We remember you with love.



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8 Responses to Day 6 — Metro Died

  1. Patty Ronney says:

    Take care of each other.

  2. Diane Allen says:

    So sorry to hear of this loss. You both did all you possibly could to help Metro and to give him the best chance. So sadness yes, but don’t doubt that you did everything possible.
    Muni is a beautiful little girl, and hope she gives you much joy as she grows.

  3. Bryn Smith says:

    So sorry Metro didn’t make it though you provided tons of love and support. Our hearts are with you. -Bryn & Kevin

  4. Dolores says:

    So sorry to hear this.
    Love to you and Geoff, mama and baby sister and other dachsies…
    Dolores and Dave.

  5. Ron and Richard says:

    So sorry to hear about Metro. Richard and I send our love to you and Geoffrey, Zenith and MUNI. And of course to Paris, SeQuel and Apex. Give a shout if you need anything.
    Ron and Richard

  6. Patty bonnell says:

    Out hearts go out to you both. I know this is a blowe to you and Adam and I feel your pain. You gave Metro love and care and made that short life as loving as possible. Take care of each other. We love you both. Adam and Patty

  7. Larry & Roy says:

    We share your sadness

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