Day 7 — [Over] Protective Parents Focusing on MUNI

I would be a terribly overprotective parent. Any child of mine would not be allowed to cross the street unescorted until they turned 18. So, you can imagine how carefully I am watching MUNI since we learned of her brother’s death.

Fortunately, she weighed in at 11.4 oz this morning, almost a full ounce more than yesterday. She is sleeping, eating, and generally seems okay.

Day 7 - MUNI and Galen's Hand

Day 7 – MUNI and Galen’s Hand

Geoffrey stayed at home in the puppy room while I went to church today. He said all was peaceful.

Zenith and MUNI have moved to the back of the covered whelping box. Why? Let me helicopter down and find out. They seem fine.

Well, actually Zenith is full of milk and being a good mother. But, she is a very picky eater, seemingly wantiing only one large meal at the end of the day and maybe a couple lighter snacks. Boiled chicken, cottage cheese, and egg were tonight’s dinner. No Science Diet, thank you. Oh, carrots are back on her menu as treats, but the Zukes and kibble are still treif. Zenith has always been selective about her diet, but her “Yes”/”No” eating decisions are stressful this week!

Zenith has also chewed her skin on the top of her back by her tail so that it’s raw. Why? Photos have gone to the vets for their suggestions. Other than that and her scratching at her sides, she seems getting back to her normal personality.  When MUNI is sleeping Zenith has even started coming out for a couple minutes to socialize with the very curious and concerned pack.

So, we are nurturing our one puppy successfully, so far, we think!

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  1. Patty Ronney says:

    Zenith doesn’t need much to eat. She has plenty of milk and she is only feeding one puppy. Just make sure she has water.

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