Day 80 — She only LOOKS Cherubic

Five of us are exhausted and our patience is worn thin.

Apparently Aurora slept very, very, very well last night. During the day today she’s been in non-stop motion.

She started the day by challenging other pack members for Geoffrey’s robe while he showered.

Aurora control Geoff's robe at morning playtime

Day 80 — Starting out Feisty

She did briefly nap while I had a business conference call around 9 (thank you, Aurora). But, she she perked up and decided to taunt her pack mates and me from about 11 on.

She was especially whiny around noon, and I took that as a hint that she might be hungry. She ate 1 1/4 shots of puppy kibble in her bowl.

But, instead of being slowed down and sleepy with the full stomach, she seemed to convert the food into immediate energy. After terrorizing the other dogs, she’d bound to me and say that she had to go out right then.

Since I don’t want to discourage any housebreaking breakthroughs, I dutifully got up (about 100 times) and took her outside.

Where she enjoyed the smells and tastes in the backyard.

Aurora sniffing the jade plant before nibbling it

Day 80 — What do These Taste Like, Daddy?

This went on mostly constant until about 4. Her next to the last trip in she was all innocence and smiles.

Aurora Mugging for the camera

Day 80 — She only LOOKS Cherubic

Just don’t let her fool you. After this picture, she ran inside and peed on the bathmat… after having been outside and told to do doggie things for about 10 minutes.

Puppies are so cute!

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