Day 81 — Comfort and Joy

For a Thursday, we took a lot of mid-day photographs!

But, we had to. The girls were inspiring comfortable!

The red girls laying under the butcher block
Comfortable Ingredients
– or, as we said in our calendar pages –
Kitchen Confidential 

Of course, once the girls woke up for the morning nap, Aurora took out to the way back to sample the greens growing there.

Aurora laying in the way back, chewing a leaf with her green ball a bit further away
Chewing in the Way Back

Apex is definitely Aurora’s outdoor guide and caretaker. Zenith usually stops at the back doorstep and watches Aurora wander outside… but, just for a while. Then Zenith retreats to her comfort in the kitchen. Apex, on the other hand, guards Aurora in the back wilds and engages her in jungle play.

Apex and Aurora together in the Way Back.
I’ll be Taking my Clues from You, Aunt Apex!
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