Day 79 — The Basics of Growing

Aurora enjoyed very much the sunny, drier weather in the backyard after the dense morning fog burned off. Not that the fog or wetness had bothered her, but apparently the damp makes things smell delicious. And taste delicious, too.

I decoded that Aurora will scamper up the back stairs, and sometimes run straight into the house, when it’s been a while since she’s eaten.

When she’s full, the stairs are more of a struggle.

Aurora struggling up the back stairs

Day 79 — Struggling to Puppy Heaven

This morning’s assault on the stairs reminded me of one of her earlier tries!  But, she made it.

The other retro habit Aurora indulged in today was deciding that she really did want lunch after all. All weekend and yesterday, she skipped the noon meal, pretty much sleeping through lunchtime.

Not today. About 1 she was fussy. I decided to see if food would help.

Yep. She gobbled down a bowl of wet puppy food and a bit of kibble. Then she could sleep!

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