Day 83 – Kitchen Confidential, Take 2

The girls decided that they needed to improve their under-the-butcher-block look recorded in an earlier post. Geoffrey summoned me to snap the pack when they were satisfied with their pose.

All of the girls huddled in the hide-a-pet under the butcher block
Under the Butcher Block

If anyone wonders if dogs are den animals, this photograph should help them make up their mind. All four girls are squeezed into a hide-a-pet which is pushed under the butcher block in the kitchen. Comfortable, and safe from falling objects in an earthquake!

About 2:30 most of the pack was sleeping, but puppy energy kept Aurora wandering the back yard and coming up the stairs. (She can only go UP the stairs herself. Going down is too confusing and she requires a ride.)

Aurora at the top stair ready to come inside
I Want In !

Overall, we decided it was a comfortable, if very energetic day at home!

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