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The California Democratic primary is only a week away, and I haven’t decided who to vote for. I cannot remember ever not having settled on a candidate so close to an election.

And, you know what? I am happy about my indecision.

My Facebook feed is crowded with memes and links for one candidate or another. There are a lot of positive reasons going around to vote for each contender. Posts about their good proposals to improve the country, their high ratings on environmental issues, their high rankings on justice issues, their character, and just about every aspect of their life.

I like seeing the many reasons so many of the candidates have ardent supporters.

Of course, I have also seen negative slams and cautions about candidates who are not the favorite of the author. Some of these fail fact-checking and seem straight out of Russia. Others fault the targeted candidate by bringing up their 25-year-old recanted position on an issue or attack with regretful-sounding, supposedly intellectual, analysis the flaws of their victim… and seem straight out of Russia. I am definitely not happy seeing these anxious and holier-than-thou buzz kills.

But, I am truly happy about the praise for all the good characteristics, positions, and statements of so many of the candidates still in the race. I see unique positive points that argue I should cast my vote for (in no order) Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, or Michael Bloomberg.


Kicking Donkey

I watched last week’s debate, and the TiVo is set up to record tomorrow’s. I want to see what remains consistent in each candidate, what evolves, what ideas are stressed, and how each person deals with the stress! Make no mistake, these are good humans working very hard to do what they think needs to be done for the country.

I know we are supposed to hate politicians, but look at the Democratic candidates. They are working very, very hard to come up with effective solutions and sell those solutions to a wary public. The candidates are living pretty disgusting lives right now, trying to kiss enough babies to seem likable, eat in coffee shops to show that they are as regular as you and me, and simultaneously come up with detailed, bullet-proof plans to solve the nation’s problems.

Wow. We don’t ask much.

And, frankly, the candidates I mentioned all seem to show the desired behavior.

So, yeah. I don’t know today what I’ll decide on election day. Or possibly I’ll choose earlier. Maybe I’ll have a break-through vision after the next debate or later in the week while on the elliptical at the gym.

But I want everyone to know that I am happy that there is no one obvious candidate to support this week. Moreover, I have not delayed my decision because every candidate has too many flaws and I am trying to divine who is the least bad one. No!

Blue Donkey

All are more moral, patriotic, and progressive than the current President. Each gives rational arguments and cites that facts I recognize as actual facts. And, each of the candidates has unique strengths which makes it difficult for me to choose among them.

I see the moderate group as being most likely to be able to end the vicious divide in the country. But, maybe not!

I see the progressive group as being most likely to rally younger and non-traditional voters. But, maybe not!

I like some of the progressive policies a lot. I like the successful background of some of the moderates a lot. I also like the moments of the Mid-West niceness a lot.

This is truly a happy dilemma. In some years it seemed there were no really fine people running. In 2020 we have a choice among talented, sincere, and White-House ready Americans.

And, y’all who have made up your mind are invited to tell me the positive reasons I should vote for your choice. Really!

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