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Recall Chesa Boudin — Yes on H

Based on my personal experience of his failure to stop a senseless prosecution of a PTSD victim and my observations of people released by Chesa causing death and damage, I am voting YES on H. Continue reading

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Mother Nature and the Side Fence

Just a fun observation. Back in March, 2018 we noticed a small volunteer growing in a small crack in the concrete on our side fence. The little guy is looking pretty healthy three years later! Continue reading

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Deaths Beyond Counting

A house on the 700 block of Waller caught my attention in June. As I walked by I noticed that the residents were displaying the current US COVID death toll in their front windows. Stickies formed the numbers of today’s … Continue reading

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1828 Days Later

Yesterday I completed my fifth year of doing at least 30 continuous minutes of exercise a day. That means today’s five-mile outdoor walk was my 1828th day of exercise in a row. As I’ve said before, this consistency is Doug … Continue reading

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Signs of The END

Sometime in March I decided to gather photos of the signs that marked the END of streets. Today I uploaded my 450th END to the gallery “Signs of the End” gallery. Continue reading

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