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Recall Chesa Boudin — Yes on H

Based on my personal experience of his failure to stop a senseless prosecution of a PTSD victim and my observations of people released by Chesa causing death and damage, I am voting YES on H. Continue reading

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My Special Reason for Liking Kamela Harris

There is a lot to like about Senator Kamela Harris, and I celebrate her selection as Joe Biden’s running mate. She’s an experienced office holder who has done well in contentious hearings in the Senate. Before going to Washington, Harris … Continue reading

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I’m Undecided

The California Democratic primary is only a week away, and I haven’t decided who to vote for. And, you know what? I am happy about my indecision. Continue reading

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Let Us Model Honorable Disagreement

If I were a Senator, I would vote AGAINST confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. I dislike the conservative judicial positions he holds, so I was a “NO” early on. Then, the way he handled the accusations of sexual … Continue reading

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Repeating Today’s Big Lie,
or Defending Sessions’ and Trump’s Policy Separating Families

This week’s uproar on separating children from their asylum-seeking parents unpleasantly confirms how far apart on basic morality we are in this country. To me, my Trump-approving friends ignore the imperative of the urgent human needs of the asylum seekers … Continue reading

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